Per your suggestion, I exp


Per your suggestion, I exported as a movie (as AVI or MPG) and gets to the “Render” window. It sits in this mode for about 15-20seconds, then exits out, window then popping up saying “The application Premier Pro quit unexpectedly after it was relaunched. Mac OSX and other applications are not affected. Click relaunch to relaunch the application again…” There arefour buttons: ignore, reset and relaunch, details, report. I have hit reset and relaunch to try again and arrive at the same window. I hit the details button and a window with three file tabs presents: one lists the problem it experienced (in computer code speak), one lists the system configuration, and one allows me to input comments. The only other button on the bottom allows me to send the report to Apple.

Any suggestions? Other than my system specs in previous thread, MacPro arrived with the NVidia GeForce 7300GT video card. I have rendered many other projects with CS3 in the past with this system configuration and have never encountered this problem. Please advise, and thanks.

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