“people ahve told me ill h


“people ahve told me ill have trouble compressing that much footage from a dslr to a 90min dvd and keeping any good quality.”

Not true.

First off, you’ll do your edit in HD then hopefully do an uncompressed digital master of the final product. Then you’ll export a copy from the master into SD (also uncompressed) for an SD Master.

The tricky part will be tweaking your settings when you turn the uncompressed SD Master into an MPEG2 file. Many editors recommend a bit-rate setting for DVD at 8-9 Mb/s. You’ll be cutting it close using your NLE software to get the vid and any menus to fit within the 4.7GB space on a DVD.

There are ‘Cleaner’ software which will help much more professional looking compression like Sorenson Squeeze just to name one. Sans, running out and buying new software see how well you can budget your digital space and still get a good looking MPEG2 video file.

If you lit and shot your footage well, then did good color correction/finishing in post, you should still have a very nice looking vid and DVD at the end of the day.

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