Peachy, Since I don’t use



Since I don’t use mac’s I can’t answer that question. You’ll have to go with Rob’s or another mac user’s advice. However, there are software options that can serve as a ‘virtual monitor’ for those who don’t have monitor capabilites. The best one for DV and HDV are the old ‘DV Rack’ and it’s Adobe reincarnation, ‘On-location’. Unfortunately, On-location is bundled in with CS4, but it works on mac’s. Your other choice is Scope Box which is a stripped down version of On-Location for mac only. Typical of mac software, it’s a little pricey at $399, but it looks pretty solid and it’s still cheaper than buying a monitor and matching vectorscopes. You can check it out at

The software solution cuts out the extra steps and allows you to record directly to hard disk and tape simulatneously. Having a software option is a good way to go if you can pony up the cash.

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