Paulears I have attached f


I have attached frames from videos of the Samsung A707
Sync" using the Sony DCR-HC28 with auto shutter on and off (according to the specs are 1/60-1/250 for on, and 1/60-1/100 for off). The problem is evident in the viewfinder & LCD display and then also in the video editing software. Of course it’s more noticeable as a video clip than as a frame. Unfortunately the problem appears on other phones like the RAZR V3c, Pantech C3, Motorola C139, etc., however, it is much less noticeable on menu screens, etc. than on large whitespaces like the notepad for writing text messages.

Thanks for your comments and any insights.
Auto Shutter Off Image1

Auto Shutter Off Image2

Auto Shutter Off Image3

Auto Shutter On Image1

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