Paulears: not sure how this


Paulears: not sure how this would work. My university had 38,000 students and several thousand faculty and staff. As I pointed out above, I believe there are two issues/situations in play here. First is going into a classroom — perhaps as few as 6-8 students in a seminar, as many as several hundred in a large lecture class — and announcing that you are going to tape the class session; two cameras perhaps, one on the faculty instructor the other on students in the room. The solution at our university was to ask students who didn't want their image captured to move to one side of the room. We never shot this area. Everyone who agreed to be in the shoot signed a release. There was never any worry: we knew that in any video we shot we had release forms from every person whose image was recorded. Subsequent use of the footage did not require pulling up release forms; we already knew that if we had the footage we had received permission to use it.

The second situation would be when shooting the campus at class change, a sporting event, students in the coffee shop, etc. I believe, since there is no expectation of privacy in situations such as this that no release is required. Determining precisely how this played out would require legal advice.


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