paulears is correct with


paulears is correct with every single one of his comments, especially practice, practice and more practice. No one is able to pick up a camera and start turning out professional work right away so grab one, start shooting and start editing. Learn from your mistakes and do another one. Watch movies or tv shows that you like and start analyzing them in every aspect. Good picture and good sound go hand in hand so learn to be able to do both to the best of your abilities. I’ve been doing videos for over 40 years and learn new things almost daily. The day I stop learning is the say that it’s time for me to retire πŸ™‚
I find Sony Vegas, either Movie Studio or Pro, to be very user friendly editing tools so download a trial version of either one (Movie Studio is considerably cheaper and will probably fit your needs very well).
Finally, here’s a video that was produced locally. Watch it and be as surprised as I was when I found out that it was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone. Proof that you don’t need expensive tools to do good video, just a really good eye!


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