Paul, thanks again for

AvatarMike Biehler

Paul, thanks again for answering my questions. I have so many more that are so elementary, but that’s where I am. I’ll ask a few:

1. The bass amp is built into the top of a big speaker and on the back is an XLR output… I think that means that this is what you call a “DI output”. Is that correct?

2. If that is correct, I could plug the bass into our small Samson PA system, but what then, how do I know where to set the levels on the sound board? I ask this because the main sound coming from the bass guitar is not going to be coming out of the PA system.

3. I don’t understand how the audio interface would be used. Does it take the L and R outputs of the PA system and put them into a wire that fits a USB port on the back of my Mac?

4. If what I have just said is correct then I wouldn’t be using any of the sound that the video camera records. I would simply delete the sound the camera records. Is that correct?

5. All of this is getting too complicated… I just realized that if all of the voices and instruments are mixed before they go to the computer, then when editing, I have no control of these things. Do I have to record all of these things separately and then edit/mix them later?

My head is spinning as I contemplate how complicated this is getting.


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