Part of the ‘cinematic feel’


Part of the 'cinematic feel' is the motion blur you get from 24p with a 180 degree shutter angle (twice as fast as your frame rate – in this care shoot 24p with as close to 1/48 shutter speed as possible. On my camera that's a 1/50.)


Be careful with camera movement or you'll add what is in my opinion an excessive amount of jutter with these settings. This is just one of the reasons you seldom see fast pans in movies.


The following is the way I understand the process – I have yet to experiment with this myself, so if I'm wrong, someone please tell me. πŸ™‚


As for the 60p to to 24p conversion, that's a bit of a misnomer for what you're trying to do. A conversion should give you the same video, only now wrapped inside a 24p frame rate. What you want to do is simply slow down your video until it matches a 24p frame rate thereby giving you the slow motion with your footage shot at 60p (and a 1/120 shutter speed – I would round up, not down, for best image quality) in a 24p project. If my math is correct, you should set your speed to 40% in your NLE for those clips to get them knocked down the 24p, although they should still look pretty good even slower.


As for shooting the rest in 60p – I know the motion blur CAN be done in After Effects, but why punish yourself? Just shoot it 24p in camera like Mike said.


My best advice would be to experiment well before the big day and see what you like best and how the process works within your particular NLE.

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