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parrot Wrote:

That is the other reason I went with a pro type camera – to be able to use an external mic. I was thinking of buying a Panasonic PV GS320 but it doesn’t have an external mic or even a hot shoe. Panasonic is dumbing down their prosumer models in hopes of people moving up to their pro models. If thats what they want, fine but that doesn’t mean I will move up to a Panasonic. Anyway, thanks for the advice on the mic as I definitely will be investing in that as well.

Yeah, they discontinued the PV GS300 which HAS a mic input… but, I called a few retailers and found out they had an open box PV GS300 for $350 =]. Circuit City has tons of camcorders so I guess they are a good place to check… but you have an awesome camera now so this is kind of useless info.

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