” Paper bags will make a c


” Paper bags will make a cheap backdrop, but with only a tad more invested, a green screen would allow an unlimited number of really cool backdrops and everyone who does video would rather do cool than drab.”

And for someone who doesn’t know how to light a green the suggestion would make their effort not worth it. If they are using a less that steller camera, it will make their effort even worse. I was referring to the craft paper or seamless, not paper bags. A $40 roll of seamless travels easy, and looks very professional.

“Well, if we ARE talking chroma screens, it has quite a bit to do with it. For a variety of reasons, the pro-cameras do better chromas and can key pretty darn well on nearly any color. Not so with the $3500 and under jobs.”

Hence why you would not want to tell someone who does not know how to do a greenscreen to use it.

“Green is the way to go and absolute perfection is unobtainable, though reasonably good results can be expected and they are definitely good enough for pod-casts and web-video.”

And once again as long as the person knows how to do it.

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