papayamon: 20x26x10 might



20x26x10 might be just big enough for some shooting. However, every studio I’ve been in has also been used as a storage and waiting area. Ladders, workbenches, extra lights, equipment cases, old sets, chairs, sofas, refrigerator, you name it. So, unless you have an adjacent building for storage, things will be very crowded. I think a 10-foot ceiling would be the minimum for a studio, to accomodate lighting. A 12-foot ceiling would give you enough room to add a lighting grid (pipes about 6 inches from the ceiling) to hang overhead lights. And you’ll need some place for actors to sit while waiting for their turn on camera. Also, since you’re apparently doing sound recording, think about putting something on the walls (carpet, heavy drapes) to deaden the sound a bit. Otherwise you might find the audio has way too much reverb.

Good luck!

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