papaterry, thanks for the


papaterry, thanks for the info and the recommendation for using Picture Motion Browser. When I initially bought my Sony camcorder it came with PMB and I used it to import files into my computer to be used with a Roxio NLE. I had problems with the Roxio product editing HD footage (computer lockups etc.)and I had to ‘cleanup’ my computer to get rid of the Roxio. I switched to Sony Vegas Movie Studio as my NLE and I didn’t reload the PMB. I usedVMS for importing from my camcorder because it worked so easily.I will have to revisit using PMB for importing from my camcorder and using the files in VMS (I like all the tools in VMS for producing my videos). I plan to save my files from PMB to the external hard drive. I will have to explore all the tools in PMB for file management.

Thanks again for your time and information.

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