>>>Panasonic AG-H


>>>Panasonic AG-HMC150 SD recording pro AVCHD camcorder….is the one I “lust” after

I got my eye on this sony camera…Here’s a detailed video of it features.


it’ll be awhile before I get that camera, but in the mean time, I’d much rather spend $1800-2000 on an HD FX7 or or something similar, than spend over $2000 an SD GL2 or XL2.

I’m reluctant to spend over $1000 on an SD camera…$1200 the most.

Even single chip HD cameras are good for some things…Surviorman on Discovery uses them all the time, and it looks good!

The only thing that would keep me from substituting a consumer HD camera for an Prosumer SD camera is that the 3 chip SD cameras still have professional functions that are absent on the comsumer HD cameras.

I just can’t see how you could go wrong with getting a good deal on a decent 3 chip HD camera….many also record in SD if you need it and are less expensivethan an SD camcorder….its a no-brainer.

Plus…when I finally get that shoulder mount XDCAM (or similar), I’ll have a nice 2nd HD camera to compliment it…

It’s time to bury the over-priced SD dinosaur.

$2000-$4000 on an SD prosumer camera??? Ridiculous….they might as well try selling a black n white TV for 500 bucks…lol….

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