PAL records at 25fps whereas


PAL records at 25fps whereas NTSC IS 29.97fps (often stated as 30fps).  Video edit s/w can easily convert between the 2 but you loose a little quality along the way with frames being dropped or duplicated.  The bigger question is do you intend recording Standard Definition or HD.  SD has different resolution (pixels per line x lines per frame) so converting NTSC to PAL takes more "fiddling" with your image and this will take longer for your edit s/w to render the output.  HD however is universal 1440 or 1920 x 1080 so that fiddle isn't a problem, just the frame rate issue remains.

Another serious question to ask is, where to you intend replying your video?  If on computer/tablet then they will handle 25 or 30fps without issue so you won't have to convert. That includes publishing via YouTube etc.  If going to DVD or similar TV type technology, you'll need to convert to PAL and, as I said earlier, some quality loss.  If you're doing HD, you probably won't tell the difference.


A side issue to consider is warranty and maintenance on your camera.  If imported, local companies will be far less likely to help out.  They won't have the parts etc.  You might have to pay shipping fees to/from the USA or Japan or similar NTSC country to get it fixed.  

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