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<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>I’ve been wanting to get 10 just for it’s better use of video cards and
multiple cores with its video acceleration. Can anybody say if previews
with effects applied run more smoothly in 10?”

GPU acceleration is simply not the magic bullet that you are expecting. Even Sony says: “Please note, when using these devices you may not see a dramatic change in render times. Depending on the amount of information in the project as well as the number of effects being used, the render time may only decrease slightly.”

From a review of 10C: “You may find that your CPU alone is faster than using the GPU. For example, in one of our new PC builds, the i7 950 processor alone proved faster than offloading to the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450. In my test project, the CPU rendered the 30-second Vegas project (.veg) file in a little less than 30 seconds, while the GPU-only render took 35 seconds.”

I contend that GPU acceleration in Premiere, Avid and others is a band-aid to cover sloppy programming. Think of it – they *depend* on GPU acceleration just to be able to keep up with Vegas’ CPU-only encoding. I have no insight to the architecture of Sony Vegas, but based on my prior life as a programmer, I come to the conclusion that you will not likely, if ever, see GPU preview acceleration in Sony Vegas. Vegas was designed around a fast processor before GPU acceleration even existed. (GPU Acceleration, by the way, was originally designed for vector graphics for video games). For Sony to rework how the program processes video preview in order to use the GPU would be an enormous rewrite of the program. And even then, the acceleration may not be the panacea you expect. Seriously, if it were as easy as some people suggest, don’t you think that SCS would have done it by now since this is one of the most vociferous objections to using Sony Vegas by non-Sony Vegas users?

It would be an interesting experiment to run Premiere on a PC with an inexpensive GPU (where acceleration couldn’t be used), then Sony Vegas on the same project, same computer. No contest. Like I said, the GPU acceleration is a band-aid needed *just to keep up with Vegas*.

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