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I was looking at that on Fri evening – I am not
sure what GPU enhancements will be that much faster. That would be my
buying point as I am always hungry for more speed, but last year they
promised similar and the upgrade in render speed was very minimal for
me. This year they are stating it will help playback though…

RAW photo support MIGHT be nice, but then I think of how often I use my own photos – it is usually just jpegs from clients.

What is the big difference/advantage between grouping and event synchronization?

The titler would be something to look at, just hope it is a true
improvement, and not just a step closer to something you would see on a
consumer NLE, although I do admit I like opening Pinnacle Studio for
titles once in a while and this might save a step.

The image stabilization in 10 was pretty decent, although the
“rubber” effect at times is more distracting than just letting the
camera bounce a bit – I would like to see if this enhancement woks on
fixing that.

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