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I only have one interview mic – I know I could
definitely use another, or another lav. Best I could do with less than
an hour notice and most my gear built for a day out at a wedding
celebration. The background you think was too distracting? Not sure
what to do, kinda of wanted it to look like it is shot in a studio. I
have never done a real interview outside of wedding guest well wishes,
so I am lacking in the area of how to set up correctly. I know 3 point
lighting, but that is geared more towards a single person? I shot 4 of
these for $100, and didn’t charge for the editing as I wanted to make
sure they liked what I saw. They indeed did! Now they want me to come
back bi-weekly to do studio updates and I will be paid considerably
more. I would definitely like to improve!

Oh the finished version of that one is below. I didn’t add my logo, but I did add my business name a the end. http://www.youtube.com/user/MegatropolisRadio#p/a/u/2/CImi2e9jK7A

Thanks for the input so far!

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