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>1) RED is NOT always a good choice. If you have no
experience working with 35mm film or a camera that has a 35mm image
sensor, then RED will not be easy to use.

>DOF is way shallow, and with
the 2K and 4K resolutions, you will definitely see if something is just
out of focus.

>2) There is no best camera.

Sorry – I was trying to be a bit facetious (I gotta stop that at times) but the Red One is still a great choice based on certain criteria – Like experience and a high budget. I have yet to hold one but would love to given the chance. I have read of many Hollywood professionals renting one for a time before they were going to use it just to get used to the new workflows, gimmicks, glitches, etc…

Yes it is expensive but not any more so than any other Hollywood class camera (cheaper than many).

As for depth of field, this has been in professional video for a very long time and pro productions want this (think of how many folks use the built in or otherwise neutral density filters just so they can open up the apertures to get some DOF). People talk all the time about “film look” and think 24p will get it for them – I think DOF is far more important in this area than frame rates.

And FWIW, if I won Powerball, I’d probably go for the EX3 (even over the Red One for the time being) as I have read so many good things about it – Yes it is expensive (probably starting in the 20K range when you configure properly with batteries, cards, lenses, etc…) but I’d love to own one.

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