outoffocus Wrote:As much a


outoffocus Wrote:

As much as i loved broken and its special features it didn’t really explain the color correction parts and what software they were using at that exact time of correction / i have a small issue with the $8,000 dollar budget / i’m not sure where that # came from but just watching the special features tells me otherwise / They mentioned using Maya and Shake as well as final cut pro to edit and do some color correction / Right there your looking at a minumum of $6000 / they have two cameras which is around another $6000 if discounted / lighting? who knows but they used alot of it / i’d say minumum a fair $1500-2500/ didn’t pay anyone for acting or the score of the film ? I dont know but my hopes were high when i read reviews and the price tag but after watching i can’t see where your $8000 # came from

Thanks for the kind words! All the software was borrowed. My VFX guy worked at his job and I already owned a post house. The camera was rented and the light, grip truck, and dolly were about $900 for 5 days. ( we pulled favors) I’m glad you like the DVD and hope it helps you in your future projects!

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