Our company regularly reco


Our company regularly records a French speaking doctor and his simultaneous translator, with a mic for a moderator and at least a couple of additional audio sources in the audience. We feed all the mics into an audio mixer, which then goes into one channel on the camera. The second channel is used with a shotgun for ambient sound.

To mic a conference table we often use PZMs, which don’t provide the same sound quality a shotgun or lavalier mics would give us, but which have excellent pick up characteristics for folks at a table. If higher quality audio is required we use a shotgun on a boom pole or several shotguns on mic stands.

For situations where a speaker is addressing an audience in a Q&A situation we use a shotgun on a boom pole. This requires a separate operator but enables us to get a mic “up close and personal” rapidly.

Generally speaking, the best quality will be provided by having a lavalier mic on each speaker; a shotgun on a boom is probably next best, followed by PZMs. Everything else being equal, the closer the mic the better the audio.


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