Ouch! Eric Rob’s given you



Eric Rob’s given you some good advice. When is this thing due? 10 – 20 minutes huh? Yeah, I agree with Rob about what style of video this is supposed to be. Yeah, you can get some great advice here but you seriously need someone on-site who knows what they’re doing to give you a hand. It’s hard enough for someone who’s been freshly trained to juggle a gig like this. Talk about getting tossed into the shark tank.

Okay, first off you need to understand that you will not be able to pull off a fully ‘pro look’ right off the bat. Not going to happen. However, if you keep things simple and don’t try to get too ‘creative’ you will be able to pull this off well.

Since you’re starting from ‘balls zero’, go back to whoever commissioned this thing and ask them specifics about what they expect to see and the depth of the topic they expect to hear. Don’t be surprised if they have no real idea, you’ll just have to ‘lead’ them. In the meantime, since you’re using PC’s unless they have Win 7 there should be a perfectly good copy of Win Moviemaker already installed. If it’s not there have the IT guys put it on the computer you plan do to this on. WMM is stupid easy to learn and use. It won’t be fancy, but it will work and you can use the money for other things you’ll need.

Far as cameras go again Rob’s right. Stick with SD, it will make your life easier at this point. Also make sure the camera you get has a Firewire input/output plug-in. You’ll need that to connect with the computer (make sure the ‘puter has an active firewire port.) Trying to edit with USB is like trying to herd Glaciers. Yeah, it can be done it’ll just take a while…. Also get a portable harddrive with firewire inputs to stave off that glacier herding thing. Also you’ll need the extra drive to store the video footage.

There’s a lot more like what kinds of mic’s to get, lights, camera support, etc. But don’t buy anything until you get some more specifics on this production. Truthfully, this thing needs to be planned out with a script or at least an outline to point you in the right direction. You need to nail down your people and get this from them before you spend money and time on a potential ‘goat rope’.

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