Other than probably a case


Other than probably a case, I would definitely get a processor with HT or a Dual core (Pentium D). Adobe is specially designed to take advantage of this technology. Everything you have there looks great but I would add a second hard drive for storage (or, better yet, a RAID with 2 drives. most new mobos support RAID-0 which is the one that writes alternating data to 2 hard drives making it act as 1 and making for blazing fast access times) and use the current one as a system/os drive. Hard drives are very inexpensive now. You obviously need a new Mobo that will support the processor and all the other stuff you have (there are tons of different configurations out there). The video card you have should be just fine. I would also go for 1 more GB of RAM (also pretty cheap). A DVD Burner is obvious too and again, very cheap. Looks like you are in good shape for a pretty blazin system! You should be well set for under $500-$600. Let me know if you have any questions!

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