Orpheus, if I understand D


Orpheus, if I understand Don, think the face of a clock put your talent at 12:00, start your pan at 9:00, panpast12:00 continue around the clock past 9:00, have your talentchange costume, start your pan again at 9:00, past your talent at 12:00 continue around to past 9:00. With your Camcorder lockedon super steady tripod, walk a steady pacearound tripod to get the sametime for complete circuit for each pan.Cut the two clips together on the timeline in your NLE. This seem like the simplest solution. If you have a tough time making the pan of the two shots at the same pace, you might start your pan at an earlier point (6:00) and pan all the way around past your talent and continue past 6:00 to 9:00. The longer time panning should give you a smoother pan with more ‘room’ to cut the clips together in post smoothly.

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