Ophelia, You should by no



You should by no means be offended by the term ‘Ghetto’ in this context. If you’re broke but still have to get the job done and want to make it look good, you may have to get your ‘hands dirty’ so to speak to do so. Back in the day people were offended by the term ‘Guerrilla Filmmaker’ now it’s considered a badge of honor for some.

If you watched the vid, Caleb’s setup is as the kids say “straight up ghetto”. C’mon, tin foil, wax paper and a light that he got out of the trash? That’s not ‘affordable’, that’s ‘ghetto’. Calling what Caleb put together ‘Affordable Lighting’ implies a completely different context of what he actually put together.

To be a zero to micro budget filmmaker these days ya’ gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do if you want to do this kind of work. However, I do recognize some may be offended, but I didn’t make up the word and in this situation it fits. I am sorry that you found offense as it was the farthest thing from my mind when I put the post together.


I was by no means ragging on those lights, I think they’re brilliant. Just I noticed that for all of the thought that went into building them, those truly important details seemed to slip by. Did you take a look at the ‘Stuart Nanolight’? If you haven’t do so. Oh and please whip up those other DIY lighting setups so we can help folks like Caleb to go from ‘Ghetto to Affordable’!

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