Oops sorry, I thoguh the H


Oops sorry, I thoguh the HV10 was the XLH, boy am I stupid.

I can say this: Canon definately makes the top of the line. But also HD is a tricky format right now. you can actually read my rant about HD in the HD section of the forum. Anyway are you an aspiring filmer, or an aspiring filmmaker? Just remember HD has its tradeoffs. Besides to make it accessable to most people, especially on the web you would have to use lower resolution, and at that point you might as well not spend that much money on it. Also most consumer HD cameras are not going to offer a lot of control, and they are very small. I peronally think that if a camera is under 5lbs it is completely usless as a viable action camera, the light weight will have way too much jitter.

Another thing you should think about is how you are going to edit everything. You will see topic after topic on this forum with people asking what camera to buy and a budget they are going to be using. You also have a lot of other things you might want to buy.

Anyway I would say that if you ONLY want to shoot outdoor sport action sequnces you will need a camera that will allow you to change shutter speeds. Any a "consumer" camera may not offer that. Consumer cameras are designed for people to go out and make a video about a family reunion, or their kids playing in the back yard. To make a marketable video you will need at least a prosumer camera. And those are very expensive when it is HD.

You can get a good consumer mini DV camera for around $300-$400 from Canon and you can make a production just as good as a HD, and you can get a prosumer Camcorder for around $1000

HD does is not always noticable, and even when it is, if people are enjoying your video they won’t even think about it. But seeing as how you are in high school I would suggest you get what is cheap and make good use of it. You were saying that you want high quality video clarity? Video clarity does not go hand in hand with resolution. You can get clarity from mini DV. Let me put it this way: The human eye sees at a really high resolution. Now you can enlarge any uncompressed image to nearly twice its size without any other changes and the clarity will look the same, because the human eye does not see digitally. Look at any DVD you own. the resolution for any of those movies on DVD are not HD, in fact they are probably 1/2 the resolution of HD. Yet they have great "clarity" and when watching the movie you aren’t thinking "Look at that resolution" the entire time. My suggestion: Go on the cheap, get a good miniDV camera. Do what you want and wait until HD becomes a more viable format. Also you are tlaking about local TV stations, I doubt they broadcast in HD in fact the BEST they can probably do is 480 horizontal lines resolution, which is what mini DV is, but I would think it is likely that they might broadcast at 320 horizontal lines.

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