Only people that are in th


Only people that are in the video (or their friends) are interested.

I did 135 video clips of a local drag race 10Jun2012

The next day I dropped off 2 DVD’s with one of the main participants. One played RANDOM and the other played SEQUENTIAL. I suggest that they move everything to a USB stick if they are going to play the video for an extended period of time. Less wear and tear.,

This was the 3rd race this year and I dropped off 100 DVD’s from the previous races at the GATE to be handed out to the race goers. They loved it.

My plan is to have a few outlets that carry the FREE DVD’s A little advertising for local businesses is part of it. I can burn different DVDs for each business. So that their business info shows first on the sequential play. They may have an interest in burning copies of those DVDs for their customers. Besides sports action I do video of local points of interest.

Another sports I have covered is GOLF.

We start videoing (2 camcorders) just after the golfer places the ball on the tee and shut off right after the swing is complete. The “golf” catalog option; has the video up and displaying on a big screen within 15 minutes of leaving the course. The playback can be random. The short 10 to 15 second clip plays, then it jumps to 6 seconds from the end and when there is 3 seconds remaining (the swing) it switches to slow motion. Then the last 3 seconds plays TWICE at normal speed (3-Min 16-Sec) demo of some of the capabilities
I did a screen reshoot of the playback.

Hitting “enter enter” causes the playback to switch to slow motion and that segment to play again.

Check out my web site and watch a couple of the videos.

The software is free

To run it just copy that file to a USB stick and rename it “catmydrive” and run it (after moving video files there). That does the standard catalog for Mpg video. Then have a renamed copy called “random” and click that. And away it goes.

I also cover lots of political forums. Because they are always rigged.

Good luck. Go for it. Video is fun.

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