Only one piece of advice,


Only one piece of advice, whatever you buy, it will function much better and remain that way, if its primary-drive, (usually Drive C:) is kept lean and mean by means of regular maintenance and being kept free of superfluous material. I was recently faced with the problem of my Drive C: choking-up, and sought the services of a serviceman trained in Europe. I suggested that a bigger and better Drive C: might be in-order, but he convinced me that was not my problem. The fault in most computers, is that so much temporary and useless data is plonked, by ‘default’in Drive C:. That, in ‘Windows’ at least, is usually where the registry is. With every small item of unnecessary data which Drive C: accumulates, the amount of ‘junk’ to be waded through each time you do something on your computer becomes greater and greater. Eventually, there is so much of this rubbish, that your computer simply throws up its hands,cries ‘enough’ and quits. My serviceman’s advice, was to relocate everything which should not, essentially, be on the same drive as the registry, elsewhere in the computer. If a good registry cleaner is used, daily if need be, and I maintain an uncommitted’overhead’ of 15gB upwards free of data on my primary drive, my computer seems set to tick-along like a well oiled little ‘Singer’ sewing-machine, hopefully forever. The superficially attractive solution of simply adding a larger primary-drive does not accomplish anything worthwhile. My new computer, which I expect to purchase after the New Year period, has, as standard, a 1tB primary-drive, whereas 200gb would be more than adequate and I would be looking to use only a fraction of its capacity, or, possibly, re-partition it.

A good quick-fix, is to have a long, hard look at ‘Documents-and-Settings’ every now and then, (I use an analysis programme). That will undoubtedly show that non-essential rubbish which has been dumped there by software installations which used the usual ‘defaults’ is by far the biggest thing on the drive. It’s not merely a matter of specifying more computer ‘grunt’: It is, equally, a matter of making the most efficient use of what ‘grunt’ you already have.

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