ONLY from what I’ve read,


ONLY from what I’ve read, and what I do know about iMovie, iDVD and the FCP Studio programs, I believe X will “shake out” over the next quarter and its subsequent updates and revisions will smooth out some of the ruffled feathers … particularly among the self-professed and other professional users.

For the most part people are adverse to change, sometimes ANY change, and when something changes as radically as X is purported to do when compared to the previous FCP iteration, they’re going to squeak and squabble. Change also isn’t always a good thing … well at least some elements of an overhaul like X compared to FCP Studio, et al.

But it is my firm belief, conviction and faith in Apple Computers and the Mac environment that the program overall will be well worth the wait for a system update or five. Perhaps those who purchase a copy toward the end of the last quarter of 2011 will begin to sing some praises and not be lobbing so many verbal grenades.

I plan to purchase X at that time and I have no doubt it will be very useful and in many ways more sophisticated and faster to achieve certain editing goals than the Studio was/is. Also, both can reside on a computer so I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Those who have both can use both and $400-$500 for X plus the additional two elements, compressor, etc. isn’t a bad thing for what will eventually prove IMHO a good thing.

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