Oneshot, Earl’s dead-on ab



Earl’s dead-on about the XL series. The only way you’ll get a higher quality image is spend a lot more than less than $1k!

I still have an XL1s on active duty despite having moved up to proHD. Despite it being interlaced DV uncompressed video out of that camera is just as nice now as the day I first got it. Of course the rig I use has been ‘tricked out’ as a full pro rig with extra lenses, b&w viewfinder, etc. but the basics are still there. You’ve got a great camera for standard dvd and web production, but if you want to move up to HD no dinky $1k or less camera is going to give you the superior image or controls than what you’ve already got. Now, if you cough up $1600 for a Canon EOS 7D, you’re talking a whole new weight-class….

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