One word: MARKETING Apple



Apple is the BEST at marketing. Hollywood style marketing.

If Apple announced they were selling Crap (or let’s call it iCrap) it would be a hit.


They actually don’t sell products. They sell an idea. “You’re more productive with iCrap around” You’re just cool with iCrap”

People buy what other people have. If one million people buy iCrap more and more people would want it.

They make something good greater they take something broken and fix it. They want to improve the world. For exampe, iCrap doesn’t smell and it’s shaped differently.

They help customers help them. Does Sony Vegas have a cult following? is the cult following rewarded? The cult of iCrap can’t be beaten down.

They make their messages unforgettable and memorable. Regular crap vs iCrap- I’m sure they would make iCrap the winner.

They treat their customers like gold with surprise and delight. Ahh, iCrap you’re cool if you buy it today. We’ll reward you with a 2nd iCrap at half off.

Did you know that Apple has a full-time person ( whose sole job was to get Apple products placed on primetime and Hollywood productions? For free? The only stipulation was that Apple product could not be used for negative gains – if you notice, the Mac is often used by the hero. Indiana Jones at his desk with iCrap translates into sales and movie producers don’t pay a cent for the prop.

Their is a former Apple employee blog that tells all the secrets to their marketing success:

Here’s another great read on the success of Apple and their products:

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