One thing you will learn i


One thing you will learn is that some clients WANT to be posed (I mainly mean by the photographer). Some want to have those creative, posed pictures. Some want to not know you’re there. Thats why brides interview many different photographers and videographers. They want to find one that fits their style. I am sensitive to what they want. Although I have very seldom ever posed a couple, I have done it. Like this shot for instance:
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Some couples happen to want those creative type shots. Mostly I dont’t do that but you have to be flexible. I also always ask the couple if they have restrictions on where they want me to be with the cameras. Some people just want the best angle ad don’t care about you holding the camera over the ministers shoulder, others will not allow it (some churches will not allow it). Be flexible and do what you need to do to get the shot that the client wants.

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