One thing I do differently


One thing I do differently than you (there is no right and wrong) is the intro… I make these primarily for the couple, so there is no need to start off with the “Hi, I’m Joe So-and-so” and “Hi I’m Jane Doe….” type intro… I start off with a couple Ken Burns pans off the baby and child to highschool montage photos… him as a baby as she starts off saying “Hi I’m Jane Doe, and I met Joe So-and-so at…” then her baby photos to high school photos as he intros himself and talks about how he met her and fell in love…. The photo montages really seem to be a hit with my clients…. but like I said… it doesn’t make one way better than the other… I just feel like the intro on your video, feels like it is meant for a general audience, rather than an intimate talk about them to each other and thier families and close friends… does that make sense to you?

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