“One thing I am having dif


“One thing I am having difficulty with is trying to get good overall exposure when I have exterior windows.”

Cheapest, easiest solution? Get your a$$ out of bed earlier. Seriously. Be there at sunrise and within a half hour of sunrise the interior and exterior light will for a few minutes, be perfectly balanced in brightness…..

either that or you gotta pump a lot of light into the interior or buy some seriously big and expensive roscoe gels to cover the windows with…. ND’s and warming gels (cto) to get the light levels and colors to balance.

one other trick that might work is to shoot the scene twice at different exposures and using masking layers to blend the two layers together… I haven’t tried that because it seems easier to me to just shoot an hdr image with my d-slr and do a Ken Burns style pan off the still to create the video clip.

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