One other thing I forgot a


One other thing I forgot about…

When a link is clicked, it opens up in the same window instead of a new tab (prefered for me; my browser’s default choice), or a new window. Instead, I have to specifically tell it to open in a new tab or hit the back button to get back to the forum.

Also, related to this (I hope part of the Opera incompatibility), is that sometimes when I click Back, it acts as if I’m no longer logged in. When I refresh the page with F5, it then recognizes I’m logged in (note: I don’t store my password so it’s not re-logging me in at this point). Just another thing to look into.

One thing I just noticed going to hit the post button is that the forum looks like a fixed width size. It should preferably get the window size of the browser and fit to that size. Right now I have to scroll left and right just to see the ‘official’ edge of a post (not to mention scrolling even more when a post doesn’t word wrap properly!). I also have to do things like scroll right to hit the post button, which is a simple thing but can be very annoying.

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