One option for you,sinceth


One option for you,sincethere isn’ta micinput onthe 850,would beto get adigital audiorecorder.Theyhavethingslike minidiscsolutionsout there (andprobably flashorhdd basedsolutions too). Isaw one blog about a guy whogota minidiscrecorder, a beachtek adapter,and a nice XLRshotgun mic.If youdidthis, when you gota new camera youcouldusethe mic and/or other accessories withit. I’m not sure how well it would work, but you could probably use a laptop with something like Audacity to record your audio if you wanted.

It’sprettyeasytodoif you record your audiodigitally on agood qualityrecorder.Justmakea visual/audio cue when you startfilming/recording audioto sync upinan editor. You oftensee clapboardsin Hollywoodthat haveinfo likewhichreel, whichtake, which scene,etc,but youcould dosomething justassimilar by clapping yourhands.

Idon’thave much experience withthis stuff (I’ve onlyread aboutit and oneguy showedme hissetupreally quickly- a DJIusedto work for), but I’m sure others on theforumhave experience with stufflikethis,so hopefullytheycanchimein.Might just bean optionfor you until youcan get acam with micinputs.

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