One of the worse scenerio is


One of the worse scenerio is uneven stage lighting such that some performers are unintentionally brighter than others. Or there may be only one performer on stage but moving through unintentional bright and dark zones on the stage.

I usually set iris to the largest aperture that won't change as I zoom in and out. E.g. on a lens that is f2.0 to f4.0 through the zoom range, I set it to f4.0. Then I "ride the gain". If I ride the iris I may accidentally set it to f2.0 when zoomed out, then when I zoom in the lens becomes f4 and underexpose. Unless there's a way to limit the iris range not to go below f4, or I upgraded to a camcorder with constant aperture zoom lense.

In this age of automation, AI, …, it feels a bit strange to have to use manual exposure, or manual anything at all. It's good to hear I'm not the only one. I avoid having to manual focus by using small sensor (1/3 inch) camcorder. This way most performers are in focus. How can you manual focus when a performer is moving back and forth on stage? You must have sharp eyes and quick fingers

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