One of the problems I’ve h


One of the problems I’ve had with using high res images is they are too big – I usually shrink them down to no more than 3840 X 2160 if doing HD or 1440 X 960 if SD using my photo app (I use Paint Shop Pro but PhotoShop works as well) along with other cleanup, correction & retouching.

There is no benefit and you’ll just make your NLE work harder and make decisions for you if they’re too big.

Also, I don’t know how FCE does this, but in Vegas I have a switch I assign to each still image (or the track if it contains all stills) named “Reduce Interlace Flicker” whcih seriously helps reduce the flicker you can get when zooming/panning stills.

Interesting bit of trivia – Did you know the “Ken Burns” effect was not invented by Ken but by his brother? Ken just made it famous….

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