One note to add. NEVER NE


One note to add. NEVER NEVER NEVER stop any cameras for any reason. OK, the tape will eventually run out, but otherwise shoot simultaneously on ALL cams! Each time a camera stops, you have to re-sync all of the footage. It’s a PAIN to do! Try to roll simultaneously, and NEVER stop, even if you have footage of the ceiling, floor, walking to your new destination (assuming any of the cameras move), or whatever. Skipping over unusable footage is FAR easier than having to re-sync 10 or 12 times. WASTE THE TAPE! It causes less frustration in the long run.

Of course, this only helps when you are shooting. If the footage is already "in the can", try a Valium (take two, they’re small!)

Maniac has a good point with the clapboard. It looks "cheesy", "video-geekie", or whatever, but damn does it make lining up shots easy!



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