“One day there will BE no


“One day there will BE no sidelines. No watchers. Only those who
participate in what the world has become.”


Come on Earl, are you suggesting the average guy in the street really cares about the things he can’t control….or those things that don’t touch his wallet? No clean drinking water in thousands of villages or one meal every few days says to me they are victims not participants.

Utopia is a dream that few can afford!

But getting back to piracy I have sensed what D.Eric Franks (Birdcat’s post) was eluding to (a future where everything is stored online) but then we have to trust those who control that particular beast.

Trust……The Chinese have just started to establish a Global Position satellite System of their own!!!!

I wonder if there is a lack of trust in what’s already up there???

I think I’ll just stay in my computer room and edit!!!!


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