One camera, one accident,


One camera, one accident, one expense, setback and even a well-planned documentary video goes away. Primarily composite is noting that in the way of camera, power, media, availability and redundancy of backup is important to the success of the effort. Accidents can and will, and do happen.

A LOT of good stuff has been brought to focus here. I only add the following from the perspective of a jealous fellow video producer who CRAVES being able to do special documentaries or travelogues, but I just don’t see it happening in my remaining lifetime. Ah well, there’s plenty more to do with video – I’ll get by.

If I were blessed with such an opportunity I’d (as I am sure you have) map out my journey and know where I am going, what I am going to see and perhaps pin down an underlying topic string that can carry throughout my trip. Harking back to redundant backup mentioned earlier, I’d also make it a habbit and plan a way to back up copies of my media (tape, SDHC whatever) upon acquiring specific footage, or especially priceless accidental GREAT stuff, then make it a point to ship either the originals or digital duplicates to where I want them to go. Things can still happen to that stuff, or go wrong, or whatever, but at least you stand half a chance of having your hard-fought footage available upon your return to edit. One tape, one card, lost, destroyed, confiscated or somehow trashed and again the tears will flow.

Back to knowing where I’m going, where I plan to be at any given time, the things I want to collect on footage, I would plan a shot sheet, make notes and keep that diary or journal (or journals – one for writing, one for video planning & narrative concepts, ideas and facts) with me at all times. I would be the type as well to either do carbon copy, or double up on the writing and ship that home along with my daily video footage.

I would want to get the scenics, the specifics, the moving elements, the stand and pans, as well as the bike footage, perhaps even incorporate the assistance of friendlies along the way to help me get a few feet of me in situ, to include in the finished production. Also, another thing I would do is set aside specific times and moments to set up the camera/tripod and reviewing my notes, or speaking in the moment, or extemporaneously do daily, or twice daily on camera narratives that will be invaluable to me in post.

Just a jumble of thoughts about what I, as an independent professional video services provider who YEARNS to do documentaries, would do if I were to have the opportunity to do something like this. Good luck. Hope we hear about it when all is said and done, and that you have every possible success, safety and good experience.

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