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One aspect not mentioned here is model consent forms. You may own the copyright of everything you videotape and produce, but it you have people in any of those shots, they have a say as to where you can show or display your video (web, TV, stock video houses, etc.) You need to write specific clauses in the client production agreement that states you have copyright to the video material and thatsigning the agreement equates to giving up anylegal rights to how the video is used.Since yourclients can’t sign over other people’s rights,to cover yourself with everyone else in the shots (i.e. wedding party, family members,friends, etc.,) you need topost signsat every entrance stating that the event will be videotaped, and that entry serves as consent to be videotaped andthat the copyright owneris authorized to use the video in any way he/she choses. You can also have the DJ give a verbal disclaimer.For every event, Ido a quick walk-around to videotape all the signs I’ve placed as proof that I notified everyone.Whilesomeone could still file a legal claim saying theydidn’t see the signs,having video proofshows you did everything possible to let people know.


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