Once you address the time


Once you address the time limitation issue with your cameras you might want to consider SlingStudio, a new portable video production system that allows you to wirelessly capture multiple video streams from different sources – this would seem ideal for what you are doing.
The system can connect to up to 10 video sources and monitor up to 4 simultaneously.
For post production editing an external hard drive can be added and SlingStudio recommend the (Seagate) LaCie Rugged USB-C portable device as it’s specifically designed for durability on the move.

While perhaps not required by you currently, there is also functionality to stream video live through YouTube or Facebook etc. – this is an interesting additional feature of the system which could be useful if someone was unable to attend the event through illness or other commitments.
The beauty of it is that it can all be contained in a single backpack and being wireless, set-up time should be greatly reduced.
Let me know if you’ve seen or used this before or if you’d find it useful.


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