Once, i shot a “commercial


Once, i shot a “commercial” for the local news about the National Junior Honor Society Chapter of our school. It was a (about) 25 sec video that they showed during the news to invite people to volunteer in the events and etc…

I shot with my DVD cam (Canon HR10) and it didnt looked thaaaaaat bad, you know? of course it wasnt like the quality that the news had (Dhaa… they use professional cams), but it was fairly good…

So, if you want a good image, i don’t know why dont use a consumer HD camera…you will save some thousends of dollars (of course, if you want a pro one, you can buy one…)…because i dont have the money to buy a pro one, but i can do everything that i would do with a pro using my small, consumer, not-shoulder-mounted- HR10…



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