On your poll I chose ‘othe


On your poll I chose ‘other’ as your first choice wasn’t specific to my answer. I think if you can swing it, go for ‘training’ (i.e. certifications), a ‘degree’ (BA, MA, MFA) and work in the field. Why? Because if you’re ‘in this to win this’ you’ll constantly need to update your info and refine your techniques to stay current. I would like to think that ultimately you would like to produce larger and larger productions as you go along. Going to conferences, training seminars and attending university grade courses will not only keep you abreast of the latest gear and techniques, it will allow you to network with other industry pros. My company’s latest film went into production from a chance discussion at a conference with reps from a large production equipment firm. Had I not attended the conference, the project never would have happened.

Another reason to follow such a course is your competition. Every six months new college grads with shiny new degrees in production get turned out into the marketplace. You’re going to have to compete with them, all those who came before you and all of the one’s coming up behind you. Quiet as been kept, the days of ‘just going out and working in the industry’ are over. The trend now is to use these shiny new grads as unpaid interns. Yeah, they don’t have full capabilies as production personnel but they have the higher end basic skills I mentioned earlier in the thread. Who do you think is going to get picked for internships? Some schmoe off the street with no background in production and no secondary skills or the schmoe fresh out of college with the basics? Additionally, you may find yourself not wanting to have your own outfit and want to work for a studio or production house. When you go up for those kind of gigs you’ll be up against razor sharp competition. In today’s economy, the comp is sharper than ever. The more knowledge, training and practical skills you’ve acquired will give you more opportunities to work.

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