On the windows side of the


On the windows side of the house, I’ve used HP’s. Dell’s are supposed to do well, but I’ve never used them. I’ve never had any probs with my HP’s. Do yourself a favor though, just like with the Mac Book Pro’s, if considering an HP laptop get a pro rig. Minimum 4GB, Vista Business (absolutely not ‘Home or Ultimate’) fastest Duo Core at 2.4GHz or better as you can afford and any crossplatform software like Media Composer or Adobe Production Premium CS3 or better. If you want to stay pure windows compatible go with Vegas 9 and if you can sparet the cash, Cinescore or ACID and Soundforge so you can make your own soundtracks.

Whether your going mac or pc, a serious editing laptop is going to run you $2.5k – $3.5k not including software. Whatever you get, make sure your unit meets or exceeds the system requirements of the software you choose. You’re going to need some Adobe products no matter what you get (phoshop, illustrator, flash, afx) so you better factor that stuff in. Apple does have counterparts as does Boris.

If you’re looking to work with others on your projects, you need to consider what will help you ‘play well with others’. Not everyone uses motion or shake or AFX or all mac or all pc. You’ll need to base your choice of laptop with what you are most comfortable with so you can take your new tool, load up your software and get to work.

Be advised: no matter what anyone on these or other forums may say (myself included) there is no gospel on the best gear and software you should get. The only hard and fast rules are; Get what you can afford, Get what you can work with and Get to work.

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