on the macs, one thing fin


on the macs, one thing finalcut express does is to pass through the camera and use the cameras output as a monitor.

that means I can view the video with my hdrhc1 plugged into a hdtv via component video outs and get a good idea on how it’ll look on *my* hdtv. (I have a good one, so while I cannot guarentee it’ll look exactly the same on somebody else’s tv, it should be good).

I also deliver my product on either a Appletv or iPod Classic as a quicktime file (as well as dvd). That allows the clients to play/share the movies, at very high quality, with no other problems.

I don’t care what platform computer you have, for streaming and viewing your high def video content, photos, and music, the Appletv is astounding. (and easy).

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