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On a Roll Wrote:


There’s a demo of that thing at the pro video shop in Minneapolis. It looks every bit as difficult to mount the camera to it as anything else out there.

Personally, I just use a good old fashioned monopod for this sort of stuff. My Manfrotto 558B weighs enough that it stabilizes shots quite a bit when I hold it off the ground, and it cost a fraction of the price of one of these stabilizers.

And if that’s not enough, it came with the same quick-release plate that was on my 503 heads, so I can swap cameras in a few seconds without swapping tripod mounting plates!

Cool…. I guess I made a good choice. I’m not copying really, but I should be getting my 558B tomorrow. B&H had a bunch of mono pods and I just picked the one with the same mount as my 503 quickdisconnect.

My new camera is allot heavier than my old one, and you can really tell in my last video event. I had to trash a ton of stuff, because I just couldn’t hold that darn thing steady. I didn’t even think that the monopod could be used as a steadycam.

I actually have one of them, but not the harness. I couldn’t imagine holding that thing with my PD170 screwed on the top. Maybe in a year or so, I can afford a harness, sure would like to be able to fly again. πŸ˜€

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