On a Roll Wrote: By the wa


On a Roll Wrote:

By the way, as an unrelated side note, can I assume that you live somewhere in Western Minnesota? If so, I live not too far from you, and I actually offer video training classes and consulting. If you or anyone at your organization want to learn one-on-one editing from a pro with over a decade’s experience, shoot me a message sometime.

Again, thanks to all of you that have posted a reply, for your help. This forum is very helpful.


re: GL2 manual. I downloaded a copy of the manual off the Canon website.

You are only a couple of hours down the road from me. I live in Fergus Falls.

We head into the cities quite often and I’ll plan on making a side trip to see you one of these days. I’ll p.m. you when I know I"m coming to work out a time convenient for you.

Would a p.m. on this post work for you or should I send to your email?

Thanks again,

Rog Lee

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