On a real keyboard now, not


On a real keyboard now, not my phone. You can't really specify equipment without knowing what kind of work they do? Me personally, I can't stand DSLRs, because much of what I do involves using zoom lenses live – and the focus problems spoil it. Also – I spend most of my time on decent legs and head, on a very long focal length, so steady movement is essential. DSLRs also tend to have rubbish sound facilities, meaning external recorders and more faffing around. Is the requirement for HD or above, or web useage? Until you know these things you cannot put together a sensible wish list. You excluded the computer and software, but knowing the system is necessary to select appropriate and workable kit. Will you need lighting? Mainly internal work in a studio or stuff that can go in a car/van?


If you waste their money they won;t thank you, but it really does sound like a test. If it is real, then I'd actually be a bit worried because it suggests they are clueless. An apprentice system is fine, but requires you to work with an expert. Why isn;t this person specifying gear? If they leave it to you really – then be a bit wary. They clearly don't have a clue, so how will your training not be full of your bad habits that nobody has told you are wrong. This does happen and severely impacts on your career. I've had a few 'qualified' people who have learned on totally the wrong equipment, have learned how to use it badly, and their industry experience is severely limited and sometimes skewed. Not their fault, but one event was enough for me to cross them off my list. 

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