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XTR is correct about Screenwriting Software, it can get expensive particularly when you’re starting out. Learn the basic format first and type it in Word or a similar word processing program. I’ve written scripts in both Word and Movie Magic. Word takes a bit longer until you get the flow of the format, but when typing out your screenplay it ‘measures out’ correctly (1 page = approx. 1 minute of screen time so 10 pages is approx 10 minutes.) A Movie Magic script measures out in traditional 1/8ths (the smallest fraction of a screenplay page) so if you have to transfer a Word script into Movie Magic, you will lose 1-2 pages (i.e. the 10 page Word Script put into Movie Magic will become a 9 or 8 page script.) I’m not sure what the ratio for Word to Final Draft is, but I suspect a similar loss of pages.

The good news about writing your script in Word (for the sake of example) is, if properly formatted, nobody can tell whether you used an expensive program or not. Primarily, I write using the Screenwriting software, because it will catch format things I zone out on in the heat of writing. However, when I have to send out a script to other producers I transfer it into Word to make it available to those who don’t have screenwriting software. Knowing how to do both comes in handy, but if you know how to properly format a script that’s a significant part of the battle.

Here’s a link to a scriptwriting template in Word:

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